Aquicon Team

Our Leadership Team

Aquicon started out as a family business, and while the team is much larger than it once was, we work hard to maintain a company structure where knowledge is shared and nobody is too important to be contactable.

At Aquicon, we are firm believers in promoting from within. By identifying and grooming potential leaders, we ensure smooth successions and are able to retain our wealth of institutional knowledge. Our extremely low turnover rate, and the personal bonds formed over years of working together, make us a stronger, more effective team.

Mario Aquino is the CEO of Aquicon Construction.

Mario Aquino - CEO

Founder of Aquicon, Mario has been directly responsible for the tremendous growth of the company.

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Daniel Aquino is the President at Aquicon Construction.

Daniel Aquino - President

As President of Aquicon, Daniel is charged with formulating and implementing the company's strategic planning activities and se...

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Alessandra Aquino is the Vice President of Project Development at Aquicon Construction.

Alessandra Aquino - Vice President of Project Development

As Vice President of Project Development, Alessandra is involved in the earliest stages of projects, from preliminary costing t...

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Joe Gizzarelli is the Vice President of Purchasing at Aquicon Construction.

Joe Gizzarelli - Vice President of Purchasing

Joe Gizzarelli joined Aquicon in 1989 and has held progressive roles in estimating and purchasing since joining.

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Rosa Zanuzzi is the Controller at Aquicon Construction.

Rosa Zanuzzi - Controller

An experienced auditor and controller, Rosa has been part of Aquicon since 1990.

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Robert Aquino is the Senior Project Lead at Aquicon Construction.

Robert Aquino - Senior Project Lead

As Senior Project Lead, Robert plans, directs and coordinates the activities of a designated project to ensure that goals are a...

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