The Vickers Dining Hall in Borden with overlay - Aquicon service delivery models.

Delivery Models

The Freedom to Build Your Way

Our talent, your working style

Aquicon offers three time-tested delivery models; Construction Management, Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build. Which model is right for you depends on a number of factors, including your preferred level of involvement and appetite for risk.

Under the Construction Management model, every aspect from design to delivery is handled by Aquicon. Senior leadership are directly involved, baking value engineering into the entire project and ensuring an easy process. Design-Bid-Build is where clients enjoy the freedom to engage their own designers and Aquicon builds for a stipulated sum. Finally, Design-Build gives clients a single touchpoint for every part of the project, managing consultants and trades on their behalf.

Whichever model you choose, you’ll benefit from senior management who personally champion your project, three decades of construction experience, and industry relationships that run deep. Aquicon is unrivalled in its ability to combine personal attention from every level of the company with ambitious planning and execution.

The lounge area of the Orillia Library - Aquicon design-bid-build.


Three decades in the construction business. Sub-trade relationships that have spanned generations. All leading up to your build.

The Regent Community Center - Aquicon design-build.


Every aspect of your project, from design to completion, taken care of for a stipulated sum. A lower-risk approach to building.

Three contractors with yellow helmets on site - construction management.

Construction Management

Hands-on guidance and advocacy from highly experienced construction industry experts, working alongside your design team.