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Success in Innovation Depends on Effective Leadership and Management

By Aquicon
September 7, 2017

Innovation can be a liability, if the process is not understood or properly managed. For the work on site, construction materials and processes have been in place for years—in some cases, centuries—proving the test of time, again and again. But for us that doesn’t mean innovation takes a back seat.

Several years ago, when sustainable construction was becoming a large focus, our firm jumped on board and retained the staff educated in LEED and sustainable construction to work on improving product selection, etc. for our projects. Also, we implemented several different processes to expedite construction. In the past, during the spring months, you would have to wait for the ground to thaw before any work could occur within the frozen land of an open building. Now we source a system which is used to expedite the removal of the frost and allow work to be fast tracked.

Those changes, which were a direct result of innovation, have expanded our work and elevated our company in many ways. Risk is an aspect of innovation for sure, but I believe success is based on proper management and accurate research.

Encouraging Innovation within our Teams

There are always new products or methods that we are reviewing to improve our practices and lead our teams. At Aquicon, our employees know that there’s nothing more important than remaining ahead of the curve and being motivated to always do better. Whether it is estimating software that allows more accurate take-offs, or cloud based project management, we ensure we are always looking into what’s out there.

Our Leadership Team is always encouraging additional education to further our teams knowledge and expertise in the industry. Attending seminars, conferences, and symposiums to gain a handle on upcoming technology or trends are areas we’re consistently looking into.

Aquicon’s Innovative Leadership Philosophy

Apart from our ‘hands on from the ground up’ philosophy, one or our big principles is the “Team” or “Partnering” philosophy. Aquicon recognizes that each member of the team has an integral and valuable role in the process of construction. Listening and understanding each persons input will allow for a better product in the end. I believe this is why we have such a low turnover rate, because we really do see ourselves as a team. The sharing of experience at all levels lends value by helping teams meet challenging situations that require innovative thinking.   Another big philosophy for us is quality not quantity. We’re not interested purely in numbers, size, or to be on top of a scoring list. We want to ensure that we have the resources necessary to provide our clients a consistent service across all projects and that our teams are strong.

With the right leadership and management, innovation can lead to successful, progressive outcomes, increased profits and even inspire employees to take the initiative and innovate within their roles.

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